The Mary Mahoney Memorial Health Center has been a viable force in northeastern Oklahoma County since 1973 when it opened its doors in the old Dunjee High School building, approximately three blocks north of the Center’s present location. It is a private, nonprofit, and comprehensive primary health care facility sponsored by Community Health Centers, Inc.

The building was named after Mary Eliza Mahoney who was the first black professional nurse in the United States. The American Nurses Association awards a medal in her honor at each biennial meeting. This distinguished award is bestowed upon members of the Association who have made significant contributions to integration within the profession.

Leadership in the development of Mary Mahoney Memorial Health Center was provided by five women who resided in Parker’s Heights, the community immediately north of the Center. The pioneering leaders were Mrs. Lena Jackson, Mrs. Daisy Mitchell, Mrs. Laura Neff, Mrs. Dorothy Smith and Mrs. Alma Trotter. Mrs. Smith serves as a Member Emeritus of the current board of directors.

This center has served over 16,000 medical, dental, and social service users in 2017. The high quality services provided at the Mary Mahoney Memorial Health Center are accessible and affordable. The Center is not a free clinic. Fees are adjusted on a sliding scale according to family size and income. The fee is determined when users register and it's updated annually. Documentation of eligibility for the sliding scale income rate is verified by presenting one of the following: W-2 Form, income tax return, letter from the supporting relative/friend, letter from employer or pay check stub. It's important to not that there is a minimum charge for most services, but no one will be turned away due to inability to pay. Our finance office assists with arranging payment plans. Our physicians and dentists are participants in a number of health plans.


The facility’s primary focuses are early detection, diagnosis of conditions, disease prevention, and health promotion. It serves as the entry point into the healthcare delivery system for many of its users. In addition to the  Mary Mahoney Memorial Healthcare Center, this location operates a Healthcare for Homeless program – Healing Hands Health Services at 411 N.W. 11th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73103. Access to comprehensive primary care services were made available to over 2,000 homeless infants, children, youth, and adults in 1999. Our site for infants ages birth to two years of age is the Oklahoma Healthy Start Initiative, located at 3017 N. Martin Luther King Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 73111. Our program in rural Oklahoma is the Mary Mahoney Health Center at Langston, 300 Martin Luther King St., Langston, OK 73050. Our new center, the Perry A. Klaassen Family Medical Center, is located at 1901 Springlake Dr., Oklahoma City, OK 73111.

Community Health is an Equal Opportunity Employer and services provider. All activities of Community Healthcare administered without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, political beliefs or religion in accordance with federal and state laws and regulations pertaining thereto.

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