Below is a short synopsis of almost all of our programs. 

Community Health Centers of Oklahoma has several locations that offer primary health care by family practice providers. We provide health care, dental, and behavioral health services to the insured, underinsured, andpatients without insurance. All of our services are available to men, women, and children ranging from infants to older adults.

Effective 1/1/2019 - Notice change in Copay for Private Pay Clients : Community Health has implemented a new sliding scale fee for Medical and Dental departments. Patient’s flat rate fee may change based on income. Please bring in income verification annually or you may be asked to pay the full pay flat fee rate.

New Service Hours: Perry Klaassen Family Medical Center & Community Health Shawnee Family Medical Center are now open on Saturdays for medical appointments only. Please call 405-769-3301 or 405-419-9800 for more information about Saturday appointments.

Same day medical appointments available.

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Certified Application Counselors

Certified Application Counselors are available to assist patients with obtaining insurance coverage through The Marketplace for the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

  • If you are not covered by Medicaid (SoonerCare), Medicare, or a private insurance company
  • If you have income
  • If you file income tax return

Contact our ACA Coordinator, Chassidy Boyland at (405) 769-3301 x1230 for more information.

You may need to purchase health insurance through the MarketPlace. You can learn more at

  1. Log on to a computer at
  2. Call The Marketplace Call Center at 1-800-318-2596
  3. Ask us for a paper copy of the application to mail in.
  4. Make an appointment with a Certified Application Counselor at any of our Community Health Center locations. Call for an appointment.


Courtesy transportation is available to and from the Center for those who request it. Clients needing transportation must reside within the Center’s transportation boundaries and have no other means for getting to the Center. The Center’s transportation boundaries are: West – Sooner Road; East – Choctaw Road; North – NE 122nd Road; South – Reno. Community Health operates its program and services without regard to race, color and national origin in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. For information about the Title VI requirements and rights, public notice of Title VI or complaints directed to Community Health's Transportation Program, contact Tracy Collier at 405-769-3301.

Older Adults Services

A range of health care services is made available on-site or by referral as a means of disease prevention. In-home and functional assessments are provided by our Registered Nurse Geriatric Case Manager.

Health Education

School and community group education on a full range of health-related topics can be arranged. Individual counseling and health maintenance are available on-site. Diabetes self-management education classes are held for families and individuals living with diabetes.

Adolescent Services

Adolescents have special needs. To accommodate these needs, the Center offers a special registration system. Health promotion and outreach are available to schools, churches, and civic groups.

Central Oklahoma Healthy Start Initiative-Healthy Babies Begins Before Birth (H4B)

(H4B) promotes early entry into prenatal care, promotes education regarding available preventive health services for children from birth to five years of age, and works with the community toward the prevention of unintended pregnancy, focusing teens. The overall goal is to reduce infant death rates in targeted areas in Oklahoma County.

WIC (Women-Infants-Children) Program

This program offers healthy food supplements for infants and children under five years of age. Pregnant and breastfeeding women who are at “nutritional risk” are also eligible. Are you eligible for WIC? Mary Mahoney Memorial Health Center is looking for persons who may be eligible for the Special Supplemental Food Program, also known as the WIC program, is available for Women, Infants, and Children. This program offers nutritious foods and nutrition education that can improve the health of you and your child. The WIC Program provides food benefits on an e-WIC card to obtain nutritious foods that enhance the diets of pregnant or breastfeeding women who have delivered within the last six months, as well as infants and children under five years of age. In order to qualify, participants must meet income guidelines (185 percent of the poverty level) and have a brief health assessment by a trained health professional. If you are on Medicaid, SNAP (Food Stamps), or TANF you qualify for WIC. If you believe you or a family member may be eligible for WIC, please call Mary Mahoney WIC at 405-769-1368. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Nutrition Counseling

Diet counseling for weight control, diabetes, and hypertension control may be arranged.

Pediatric Services

Children may receive immunizations and child health maintenance. Assistance is provided with child development education for parents and guardians.

Mental Health Care

Professional counseling services are provided to individuals, families, and groups.

Women’s Healthcare

Women’s health services from adolescence through the senior years is provided. Family planning services, midlife health care, prenatal/postpartum care, as well as pregnancy testing and pap tests are available. Childbirth classes are held regularly. Mammograms are available on-site. Community Health can also assist with applying for SoonerCare or SoonerPlan. Visit the Oklahoma Health Care Authority website for eligibility details.

Community Health is committed to the improvement of women's health and wellness by providing screening exams for Breast and Cervical Cancer by including an onsite mammography department. We have programs to assist with the cost of these screenings. For more information please contact Bertha Spears, LPN at 405-769-3301 ext. 1215 prior to scheduling your appointment.

Family Support Services

Friendly staff provide financial, vocational, and educational counseling, mobile meals and eye exam referrals. Assistance for eligibility and determination for SSI, Social Security, Medical Assistance, Medicare, Food Stamps, etc. is available on-site.


Prescriptions for registered users may be filled at the center. The center participates in several reduced cost medication programs.

Laboratory & X-Ray Services

Routine blood work, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV testing, urinalysis, and X-rays are performed on-site. Diagnostic X-rays are available by referral to Radiologists.

Dental Clinic

Our dentists, dental hygienists, and assistants provide emergency and primary preventive dental care.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)


Any person, age 18 and over, with an addiction to opioids or heroin. Patients must be willing to commit to recovery through the use of medication, counseling, and adhere to drug testing.


MAT Clinic hours are currently Mondays 12-5pm, Tuesdays 1-6 pm, Thursdays 9-3 pm and Fridays 1-4:30 pm. Please call for an appointment. (405)769-1380


Major insurances accepted, including Medicaid (SoonerCare) and Medicare. Uninsured patients are charged a minimum payment at each visit. Induction is $100 plus cost of medication. Fees are then discounted based on family size and proof of income. PROCEDURE FOR TREATMENT

  1. When you make an appointment by calling (405) 769-1380, a Care Coordinator will get a brief drug use history to determine if the MAT program fits your recovery needs. PLEASE NOTE: You must make your own appointment. A family member or friend may not call to schedule you an appointment. This is YOUR recovery program.
  2. On your first appointment, please bring photo ID, proof of insurance and/or income. The MAT program does accept patients who are uninsured. The fees are determined using a sliding fee scale and is based on family size and income according to Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  3. Be prepared to come early if you are a new patient in order to complete the New Patient documents. Your first visit for induction can be quite lengthy. This is so that the provider can monitor your status to reduce your withdrawal symptoms.



Buprenorphine works in a way that alleviates physical withdrawal symptoms and cravings while also partially blocking the effects of opiates like prescription painkillers or heroin. Treatment is offered in an out-patient setting at the Community Health MAT clinic. This allows for all counseling, therapy, pharmacy and physical needs to be met at one location. The MAT clinic offers you a “Recovery Team” of highly qualified physicians and behavioral health experts who are supportive in your journey to a healthy life.

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SBIRT stands for Screening, Brief Intervention & Referral to Treatment. It is an approach to screening and early intervention for substance use disorders and depression. SBIRT emphasizes combined effort of screening and treatment services as part of the primary care model because substance use disorders and depression directly relate to a person’s whole health. Using the SBIRT model, all adult patients are given a simple screening questionnaire once per year to identify any potential concerns related to substance use disorders and/or depression.